Commited to developing the Sable Tin Desposit, the company is open to new strategic and financial

partnerships that can add extra value to the project.


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GKZ Reserve Report 1987


10 Oct. 2016

Meetings with Khabarovsk Regional Government officials

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1. Deputy Minister of Investment and

property policies of Khabarovsk Region,

Mr. Alexei Chepurnik. Present were

Alexander Volkov from the Regional

Ministry of Natural Resources and Elena

Sharko responsible for coordinating

investments. The meeting covered the

potential of tax breaks, government

support and the vision for the mining

sector in Khabarovsk region.

2. Deputy Minister of Foreign Economic and

International Relations Department. Mr.

Maxim Tarasov. Discussions covered

investor promotion policies, the

investment climate and foreign companies

already active in Khabarovsk region. Tax

incentives and energy costs. The ministry

is also ready to assist in promoting the

Sable project to foreign investors and in

forums arranged by the ministry.

Both meetings demonstrated strong moral and

administrative support, pro-mining policies and

hope that the Sable tin deposit be developed in a

sustainable way as it is seen as an important

contribution to local development.

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07 and 08 Oct. 2016

Site visit to Sable Tin Deposit

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Musa Palankoev and Philip Andrews visited the

license area on October 7 2016. The primary

purpose of the visit was to confirm both access to

and around the license area. Observations of

other mining related activities at Festivalny and

Gorny and former workings at Solnechny GOK

were also made during the visit.

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05 Oct. 2016

Participation at Minex Mining Conference

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Company representatives visited the Minex

Mining Conference held annually in Moscow.

1. The primary purpose was to identify

potential service providers for the

transferring of Soviet geological data into

a digitalised format. Meetings were held

with Datamine, AGR Software and


2. Various drilling companies were spoken

to who are active in the region and who

may be best positioned to provide

professional drilling services with low

mobilisation and demobilisation costs.

Rosgeoperspectiva and Foraco


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06 Oct. 2016

Visit to Dalnedra

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Two of the company’s directors visited Dalnedra

in Khabarovsk. After a very positive and

successful meeting with Alexander Boiko and

Vjacheslv Gill.

Following the meeting archive material relating

to the Sable Deposit was examined and a list for

ordering digitalised copies was prepared.

Adjacent to the archive, a deposit (fond) contains

original field and report materials relating to the

Komsomolsk Geological Expedition and the

numerous exploration activities carried out at the

Sable deposit between 1972 and 1987.

The team also met with Mr. Valentine Kravtsyov,

a geologist who was actively involved in the

exploration of the deposit.


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