The strategy of Sable Tin Resources is to use its own resources to access and

acquire rights to explore and mine deposits of significant economic potential and to

develop assets through joint venture partnerships with strategic operators and

financial partners. 

Currently, the company is focused on its flagship property, the Sable Tin Deposit

and is seeking a strategic joint venture partner that can bring technical experience

to the project.

The company office is located in Moscow, and the opening of a local office in the

Khabarovsk Region is planned in late 2017.


Yuri Kudryavtsev

General Director

Graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute,

specialising in Automated Control Systems. Previously

worked as General Manager of Neftoinvest Ltd. and

GeoRazvitije Ltd. (Oil-Invest and Geo-Development).

Moussa Palankoev


Graduate of Reading University (UK) in investment &

banking. Experience in M&A, corporate & financial

transactions in exploration, mining & transportation

companies. VP of the Moscow based Acropol Group.

Speaks English, French, Arabic

Vladimir Rubanov

Chief Geologist

Has over 40 years of experience in gold, rare earths and

poly-metals having worked in various parts of Russia,

Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mali. Authored several

scientific articles. Speaks French.


The Company

Sable Tin Resources is a commercial designated name pertaining to Zaibaikalsky

Mining Company (ОАО Забаикальская Горнорудная Компания) an affiliate of

the Acropol Group. Zaibaikalsk Mining Company is a joint stock company

engaged in the identification and development of viable tin projects in Russia and

other jurisdictions.

Incorporated: 26.06.2007 at Federal Tax Service Inspectorate No 46 Moscow

Reg No 5077746978370 OGRN

Bank: Acropol Bank www.acropol.ru

Auditor: AP Nika Ltd www.ap-nika.ru

Advisor: Pridolian Ltd. Ireland www.pridolian.com